Brainspeed Revolution

I am blogging e3, that is, the computer gaming industry expo. So I hope to be covering all aspects of mental acuity. By the way, I have started another blog called brainspeed which takes a slightly more playful take on the world of cognitive enhancement in addition to our breakthrough work in memory loss. For this, I have to thank the readers of this blog who have pushed us in many unseen directions and who have the ability to intuit key trends.

So, in any event, I just chimed in over at the "Blogging E3" blog run by Weblogs Inc. So maybe we'll run some dual posts at blogging E3 and brainspeed.blogspot. The button you see above is hosted at weblogs, inc. Weblogs is run by the people behind the Silicon Alley Reporter and the Digital Coast Reporter which technically was not supposed to be read by people in Silicon Valley. (There was a rather thin crop of 'hits' in LA including L90 which we were involved in) and also the former Venture Reporter picked up by Dow Jones.

Our partner Natrol (Nasdaq: NTOL) is ramping up activities and has a press release coming and lots of promotion including the re-appearance of the brainspeed squad.

What do you think of blogs are a marketing foil? Overhyped, soft-bladed?

Then I get a picture in my mind: "Ben, I've got one word for you...plastics blogs."

Sure, some people don't like the format and 'commercialization' of blogs but eventually creative ads are indistinguishable from "Art."

I liken it to the early days of newsppapers which were dominated by characters that thoroughly mixed politics, journalism, and business. If you have something to say in a blog you can go right to the readers. In the case of brainspeed, here is a product that has been 2.5 years in development; and further, you can track your brain's progress using the brainspeedometer. Within a couple of years, 100 million people will be tracking their cognitive performance like they track their Amazon or drugstore.com shipments. Now, to get the brainspeedometer you need to purchase brainspeed from Natrol. It's on the Internet now at brainspeed.com, soon to be available at drugstore.com and walgreens.com and then at retailers everywhere. You know: Costco, Safeway, Krogers, Whole Foods, Walgreen's, Longs, GNC, etc. I can't guarantee it will be in all of these stores, but brainspeed will certainly be in many of them. So track your memory, and get your brainspeed. It's worthwhile to improve your mind.

Even Microsoft seems to think so. At Cognitive Labs you can click on a deal and get memory for life AND click through to MSN TV2.

So it seems, notwithstanding a story in NEWSDAY last week, TV is good for your brain. More newsblasts coming. 1:09 minutes til Star Wars III kicks off. I can't believe how long it has been since the first one. Yes, I was alive then! It's as old now as "20,000 Leagues under the Sea" was when I was a kid. Best

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