The Global Product Vision

Yesterday Cognitive Labs had a very interesting meeting at Nokia, which was carried out with Teutonic-Nordic punctuality.

It's easy to see why Nokia is a global powerhouse with a strong vision for the future and abiding concern with the end-user experience that drives new products and partnering strategies. They are even big believers in blogging and mobile blogging or 'mo-blogging'.

What does Cognitive Science have to do with Nokia?

Already in Europe - people can press a keypad button on their handset and get an Onstar-like immediate response if they think they are suffering from cardiac arrest.

Similarly, locating technologies can be included in cell phones via sim cards which can enable medical personnel or caregivers to locate those with Alzheimer's. Last year we posted about a similar service being tried in the Azores.

Cognitive exercises and games like MemCheck also can be offered on the new visually enhanced platforms like the Nokia Series 60. This is a product we will call 'mo-memcheck,' where you can stay alert and focused or exercise your mind while riding the train, or, in the comfort of your home, while skiing (wait, on that one, watch out for the trees) or, if you simply desire a more portable experience than a laptop or PC. Being from Finland...it's a place were you can't go wrong. In the words of Michael Palin... "Finland, Finland, Finland...Finland has it all." So does Nokia it seems.

Global...Cognitive Labs has an Arabic page as well, courtesy of Sahkr Software and its useful Tarjim service...among their clients is the Emir, Crown Prince, and Prime
Ministers of Kuwait on behalf of the state of Kuwait.

So, right now you can read about MemCheck in eleven (11) languages. Eventually, we will have country-specific sites developed, and you will automatically get the page in your language based on your browser's language preference settings. More later >>

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