Giving the Gift of Memory

Cognitive Labs: Give the Gift of Memory

Mountain View, CA April 4, 2005. Cognitive Labs is announcing our GIFT program - where family, friends, and co-workers can give the Gift of memory assessment and cognitive tracking to someone they are concerned about. Family members and friends often notice the subtle changes in behavior that may lead to early memory loss.

Often, people feel there is little they can do about it without upsetting the person. Only when the symptoms become visible do they take action - where someone else has been effected, premature loss of employment has occurred, or the family has suffered a financial setback. Oftentimes that visit to a specialist leads to a review, screening, and diagnosis of the disease.

By this time, prescription medicines can help the symptoms - but not help reverse the eventual progress of the disease in wiping away a lifetime of memories and simple cognitive abilities that others take for granted.

But you can take action earlier - if you have a concern about memory loss in a family member - you can get Memory For Life for them and help them create a baseline of cognitive performance. With regular testing and monitoring, you and the subject can see exactly how their cognitive performance changes over time. There is even evidence that intensive cognitive exercise, when combined with a program of regular physical fitness and a sensible diet, can slow down or prevent the onset of early memory loss.

Go! Give the Gift of Memory from Cognitive Labs - the leader with 1.01 million registered members.

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