Back Again

After a brief pause, we are back with the news and commentary. We tried to send in some updates from Death Valley (Eureka Dunes) but we couldn't get a link from the area...which is remote and mostly accessible only by 4x4 vehicle. We did see many flybys by F-16's, some as low as 100 foot off the ground, which looped around the dunes, doing a quarter roll, and then hitting the afterburner. The area resembles Afghanistan...with dry washes and towering, rocky mountains.

In between the sorties from the nearby airbases, there was absolute silence. As you stood on the peak of the dunes you could actually look down on the passing fighter planes.

The Eureka Dunes are 700 feet tall and are the largest in California (if not the U.S.) though I am sure it must be close.

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