Top Ten tips for healthy memory from AARP

AARP and the (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) has released the following list of items for healthy cognition - which support and reiterate most of the third party research that is presented in this forum. Without further adieu:

...Health Tip: Shape Up With Mind Aerobics

..there is mounting evidence that memory lapses don't necessarily foreshadow dementia, and that doing mind aerobics can reduce the risk.

Here's a 10-step memory workout courtesy of AARP:

1. Exercise regularly: Studies have shown that aerobic fitness may reduce the loss of brain tissue common in aging.

2. Stick to a healthy diet: Avoid sugar and saturated fat. And eat lots of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, spinach and beets. The magnesium found in dark green, leafy vegetables appears to help maintain memory.

3. Learn new things: Mastering activities you've never done before, such as playing the piano or learning a foreign language, stimulates neuron activity.

4. Get enough sleep: Too little sleep impairs concentration.

5. Devise memory strategies: Make notes or underline key passages to help you remember what you've read. Invent mnemonics formulas to help you remember things.

6. Socialize: Conversation, especially positive, meaningful interaction, helps maintain brain function.

7. Get organized: Designate a place for important items such as keys and checkbooks. Keep checklists for things such as daily medications or items to pack when you travel.

8. Turn off the tube: Experts say too much TV watching weakens brain power.

9. Jot down new information: Writing helps transfer items from short to long-term memory.

10. Solve brainteasers: Crossword puzzles, card games and board games such as Scrabble improve your memory.

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