MyRobot - They're Cute, They're Cuddly, and They're Ready to Please

NEC Corporation announced the development of a new advanced version of its personal partner-type robot "PaPeRo", PaPeRo 2005, which is capable of more natural communication with people principally due to improvements in its hearing ability even within noisy environments and to enhancements in cognitive ability regarding recognition of handwritten characters and images.

Thanks to NEC corp., we will soon have our own natural language robot which will, according to the sales pitch, be more human THAN human (like the Nexus6) and relate to us in a completely naturalistic fashion...it seems to me rather interesting, yet not to old-media tech writers who would rather talk about the 9,999th MP3 player or who is trying to license ipod.

Oh yes, we have to please the advertisers so that drives the creative agenda. Replace the children with elders in seniorcare facilities and you have a glimpse of one version of the future that we should avoid through diligent brain maintenance: f{cognitive exercise, monitoring + physical exercise + diet}/varR(genetic risk factor) :-)

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