Mental Activities Slow Cognitive Decline


A new study from Finland that is being reported today by ABC, CBS, Reuters and most major media sources again praises the healthy lifestyle as the best defense against Alzheimer's Disease.

Once more, cognitive-enhancing activities such as mental challenges are discussed as a way to slow mental decline, along with prescription pharmaceuticals and other products that have been shown to impact cognition. Our research led us to believe years ago that an understanding of the connection between cognitive exercise and mental fitness was coming, now that it has been strongly asserted in numerous top journals and published studies, your input and additional targeted research has led to the development of MemCheck - our system that lets you monitor your cognitive performance over time noting any changes. Every day, more and more people are finding out about MemCheck and signing up - you are taking the free test that we offer, and then deciding to become a subscriber - which helps you and also enables us to make this service better. Every day, people email us with helpful suggestions, sometimes compliments, sometimes great ideas, sometimes complaints - which help us learn and improve.

We will discuss the healthy living question further in our radio show tonight. (6 PM Pacific/9 EST U.S.) We hope you can tune in. If you can't make it at that time, the show will be archived for our members.

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