MemCast Radio Launch. Go MemCheck!

It's time to jump on the Saturn V booster and kick off our new radio show, hosted by yours truly, live from "Silicon Valley" and unplugged.

We will be interviewing leading experts in the fields of memory and cognition and other creative and interesting people who are changing our world...from awesome entrepreneurs to top scientists. The common thread is that these people are trying to change the world for humanity.

We'll also be taking a look at how people are coping and also, offer tools an technologies to help!

We've got our initial sponsors lined up (THANKS!) but there could be room for others who want to reach a large and extrememly well-informed audience that takes action to help themselves.

We'll also be announcing our Cognitive Cares program whereby we give 1% of our revenue back to people, and in some instances - the hard-earned equity in our company. We support our communities - worldwide!

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