Dazzling "Mind" Marketing at the Magic Kingdom

This weekend we are attending ExpoWest in Anaheim where our partner Natrol (Nasdaq:NTOL) electrified the conference with the brainspeed squad, and also a huge electronic billboard truck which circled the Anaheim Convention Center which is adjacent to Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure (my kid's favorite) and Downtown Disney promoting brainspeed and brainspeed.com all powered by Cognitive Labs - at the center of a new concept in combining online and offline products to deliver a completely new experience. Hundreds of people are taking cognitive labs testing at two kiosks and are getting an immediate score that they can walk away with...it's completely awesome...and it has never been done before

The brainspeed squad, all in purple, like Charlie's Angels, patrolled the conference center and handed out tickets to brainspeed violators, the only remedy is to come to the huge Natrol brainspeed exhibit and take a brainspeed test. later on, we'll be bringing you MP3 highlights from the show on MemCast Radio (download and playback on iPod) and of course, our favorite Disney movies...right here.

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