20,000 Leagues Under the Sea-One to Remember

Fifty one years ago, the Disney film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was released. When I first saw it on TV it was already a 25-year old 'classic.' Nor did I know what a league was...I thought it was somehow related to baseball...

For sheer drama (remember the scene with giant squids?) and the gradual realization of the complete madness of Captain Nemo (James Mason) to the likeability of Kirk Douglas - this is a good story, supported with strong characters and effects.

Here are some comments on imdb:

"The 'Nautilus' is the star of the film...the cast of Actors truly are amazing as they brilliantly help adapt Jules Verne's gripping under-ocean tale. It won an Academy award and so it should have done,as this was a masterpiece to watch.

It has recently also had a DVD release which has features galore.The special effects are also superb for its time.

The team have certainly done a great job,and with Richard Fleischer at the helm,Walt made himself proud.This was Disney's real hey-day,and i feel this is one of Disney's greatest films.... (9.0/10)

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