Some Aspects of Cognition, like Focus, can Improve with Age

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Certain abilities improve with Age...including the ability, apparently to tune out distractions.....

From [Health India]

What has for long been said about wines, that older the wine, the better the taste, perhaps now seems applicable to human beings as well, for a recent study has revealed that older people seem better equipped at handling and grasping certain broader perspectives compared to young people.

According to The Telegraph, recent study conducted by psychologists from McMaster University Ontario, the findings of which appear in the journal Neuron, states that the process of ageing improves certain abilities and older people appear better and faster at grasping the broader aspect.

"The results are exciting because they may tell us something about how ageing affects the way signals are processed in the brain. As we get older, it becomes harder to concentrate on one thing and ignore everything else. It takes more effort to tune out distractions. We've seen it in cognition and speech studies, and now we see it in vision," the journal quoted Prof Patrick Bennett, co-author of the paper as saying.

The report states that for example though older football fans may not track the individual players as well as the younger supporters, they are however, more likely to appreciate team strategies.

"It's critical to understand how ageing affects vision and the brain. If we can characterise what is happening to our brains as we age, we will be in a better position to help seniors see better for longer," the journal quoted Prof Allison Sekular, Prof Bennett's colleague and co-author of the study, as saying.

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