A new member every couple of minutes

Every few minutes, somebody takes the plunge and signs up for MemCheck...they get a free test, and a free evaluation of their memory based on the cognitive database we have established. You need to provide your birthday, your zip code, and your level of education...so we can make the right comparisons.

Then the algorithms take over...generating a descriptive output. Used over time, you can create a bar graph or scatter plot of your cognitive performance. So, if something changes, like the story of the Chicago policeman who retired to Arizona and suddenly found himself with Alzheimer's - you, and the medical experts, might get a 'heads up' and be able to do something about it. It's a way to scan yourself like you might scan a package and see where it is. Now, there might be more than one way to do this, but this is the easiest way, and where possible, we should follow the path of least resistance, where there are increasing returns.

In 1996, I read W. Brian Arthur's piece in the Harvard Business Review and that catalyzed my thinking...what gets ahead, stays ahead. His case example was the Netscape browser, earlier it was the Windows OS. We see the same thing happening here with MemCheck, it also happened with tracking for packages, online airline sales, search, and even, Ebay.

What will we see tomorrow? Help us make the future. Also, there will be many upgrades and enhancements that will make our service even easier to use and better. Thanks for your help.

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