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The Buck Stops Here

In the old days tech companies hired a CEO, VP of Sales, VP Engineering, VP Marketing, VP of Customer Service, and so forth, then below that there were Directors of Sales, Directors of Engineering who had to make the business work.

That model is broken. First of all the, the marketing exec gets the heave ho when the first iteration of the business fails (as it almost always does since inevitably the company does not know it's real business), then the VP of Sales and Engineering engage in Mortal Kombat. Then, finally, the CEO walks the plank and the cakewalk starts all over again.

We're not going to waste any time with that c--p. We've got the Lazik that will fix that management nearsightedness. That is the power of the Hive - using the top experts and only the top experts less than one half of one s.d. from the apex we avoid the problem of know-nothing bozo management. Lots of time is saved since no bozos are hired in the first place, none need to be fired. Because of the power of technology we can call on a global base of experts 24-7. And, we designed out organizational pinchpoints from the beginning. Sayonara, Hasta La Vista, and all that.

Well then what do we need?

1. Power Bloggers - You are paid based on what you do, or do not do. As Yoda says, "there is no try." You build awareness, you communicate, you write the great american novel (featuring MemCheck as the protagonist, of course). It's easy. You get paid for every member. Plus, heck, your helping humanity.

2. Marketing Insurgents - Your IMD's (improvised marketing designs) shock, annoy,surprise, and delight by turns. Stop traffic, jump off a building (with a parachute), hand out orange sock puppets or orange medicine balls - we don't care. Just get awareness.

If you want to do 1 or 2 send us an email and tell us why we should hire you, who you know, and all that stuff. All ideologies are subordinate to the great cause of tracking, monitoring, slowing, halting, and reversing

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