Slate on MemCheck

The online magazine Slate wrote an interesting and useful piece on Cognitive Labs' MemCheck on Wednesday. The writer of the Story, Slate's Sue Halpern, apparently was able to see some difference in cognitive performance after using MemCheck for a few months, and interestingly, she used it as a kind of meter to measure whether additional treatments were either effective or not.

Ms. Halpern is a writer and the author of The Book of Hard Things, Four Wings and a Prayer, about the amazing journeys of Monarch Butterflies, Migrations to Solitude, and the forthcoming Introducing Sasha Abramowitz (2005), as well as a frequent contributor to the New York Review of Books.

It would be interesting to hear if any readers have a similar experience to report; or for example, if you can enhance cognitive results with a long and peaceful hike; lately for example, we have been taking a stroll on the Alambique trail which starts in Woodside, CA above Redwood City and traverses back and forth up the sides of a deep, shadowed ravine towered, like sentinels, by stands of 350 foot tall coast redwoods that often bear the scars of infrequent lighting strikes that result in a fairy-ring of baby redwoods. It is a landscape every bit as magnificent as the fastness of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. All of this serenity just a few miles off a busy SF peninsula suburb. After returning from a five-mile walk, I know I feel more focused and alert.

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