Passing 1,000,000 members

With 272 people registering yesterday , we approached 1,000,000 members. Now that Monday has begun...51 people have registered already today, putting us over the 1 million mark. We will be able to involve all of you in (1) research for new products, (2) concept-development of new products, (3) creating a new kind of organization that focuses on the needs of those concerned with memory loss, spouses, children, and families, and (4) enhancing and upgrading our web dashboard service that you are using to track and monitor and improve your cognitive ability. You can already test yourself, get a detailed bar graph showing where you stand based on your age, gender, and education, and track yourself over time through testing and using MemWatch, which you also get when you get a paid subscription, which lets you monitor your cognitive performance and keep track of all your scores right on your web page - you don't have to write them down. How often should you do this? Maybe once a month or once a quarter; astronauts on the ISS do a cognitive check up every 30 days, maybe that's a useful guidleine here on spaceship earth as well.

What's new? Well, many companies developing pharmaceuticals and other compounds are approaching us about serving as a kind of benchmark so when you buy a product, you can track your cognitive performance. Also, if you go on a new diet or exercise program you could do the same thing; test whether or not walking 5 miles a day affects your cognitive ability - we provide a standardized and convenient way to do that all in one place, with no post-it pads, notebooks, pencils, or any thing else that can get lost. Since we are not stored on your PC, similarly you can't lose your records if there is a virus or Trojan problem with your PC, all to common these days.

All I can say is I am continually surprised and encouraged by the response...and feedback. I usually hear from 30 to 50 people per day. Drop us a line with questions, comments, feedback. Thanks again for your support.

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