Electric Current Enhances Verbal Ability?

Dr. Wes Ashford, who is involved with the Stanford-VA Alzheimer's Center and an accomplished researcher and an advisory board member of Cognitive Labs, and I have discussed, only half-seriously, an Alzheimer's helmet that could protect at risk people from head injuries which can be associated with the onset of cognitive impairment...

Well now, Slate in I Sing The Body Electric, talks over brain stimulation via electric currents. It seems that there is something to it...

In an experiment that sounds just slightly like science fiction, researchers at the National Institutes of Health found that by running a small electrical current through the front of the brain, they could markedly improve a person's verbal agility. Specifically, researchers could increase the number of words beginning with a certain letter that their subjects could list in 90 seconds. I've posted the link above if you would like to review it...

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