Astronauts on the International Space Station use computerized cognitive testing..like MemCheck

I got this from NASA daily space ops reports syndicated by SpaceRef.com...
"All ISS systems continue to function nominally, except those noted previously or below. Salizhan Sharipov today completes 100 days in orbit on this mission. Prior to Expedition 10, he logged 8 days, 19 hours and 47 seconds in space in 1998 (1/22-31) aboard "Endeavour" with the crew of STS-89, an astronaut rotation mission to Mir. With today's milestone, the Kirghizian Flight Engineer joins the elite ranks of wizened old "space centurions". Congratulations and continued success, Salizhan!

Still working on preparing onboard systems for the new Russian "Rockviss" payload, FE Sharipov connected the Service Module (SM) onboard computer system (OVS) with a new power switching unit (BSKZ5-32) of the Russian segment's (RS) onboard equipment control system (SUBA).

Also for Rockviss, Salizhan Sharipov temporarily deactivated the Elektron O2 generator, then connected the Rockviss hardware telemetry (TLM) connector to the BITS2-12 onboard telemetry system, supported by ground tagup via S-band.

Chiao signed in and performed his fourth session with the psychological MedOps WinSCAT experiment (Spaceflight Cognitive Assessment Tool) on the MEC. [This is a time-constrained questionnaire test of cognitive abilities, routinely performed by astronauts aboard the ISS every 30 days before or after the PHS (periodic health status) test or on special CDR's, crewmembers or flight surgeons request."

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