Advisory Board meeting

As I posted at Omidyar.net (an interesting site I just was turned on to) the Cognitive Labs advisory board meeting where we generally discuss the state of Cognitive science and cognitive testing as well as nutritional science and other issues of the day is today at Starbuck's, Redwood City, CA on El Camino Real (near Safeway) at 7:30 PM. Redwood City, in fact was judged "climate best by government test," approximating in fact, the climate of Mauretania most closely. Mauretania is a Mediterranean-climate coastal area of North Africa, formerly a bread basket of the Roman Empire.

I saved the picture above some time ago, so I suppose now is an opportune time to use. We will even fire up a laptop wirelessly via T-mobile and get our MemCheck workout for the day. For our customers from North Pole, Alaska to Key West, thanks for joining with us! If you can't be with us in person, you'll certainly be with us in spirit, already a hundred more people have joined us today.

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