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We analyzed some of your emails and we find that people from all walks of life are concerned with memory loss including the 1st Marine Air Wing.

This is from the 1st Marine home page:

Mission : Fighting and winning our nation's battles since July 7, 1941, the First Marine Aircraft Wing has distinguished itself from the South Pacific and snow-topped mountains of the Korean peninsula to Southeast Asia's tropical rainforests and Afghanistan's deserts. Always a force in readiness, 1st MAW stands poised to strike at a moment's notice to seize the initiative. The fourteen streamers attached to the 1st MAW battle colors are a testament to the organization's engagement in over seventeen years of combat on many battlefields, and the tenacity of its Marines and Sailors.

1st MAW boasts a broad spectrum of aircraft and equipment that can be configured to any mission requirement or task. We build airfields where none exist, fly assault or support missions regardless of time or weather, and we control the skies in the area we inhabit. All our personnel are highly trained and motivated and committed to the challenge of maintaining the "Tip of the Spear" in Marine aviation. Dependable, determined, and always prepared, we are the powerful right arm of the III Marine Expeditionary Force.

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