MemCheck: Helping Organizations Maintain Knowledge

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You probably know that MemCheck can help individuals monitor and track their memory and cognitive health, but, did you know that the same principles can have a ripple effect when applied to a large group of people, like your friends, your social and community groups, or, even the workplace? Yes, it is probable that by helping people individually we also help our larger society stay focused and alert.

This is particularly important as we live longer than ever before, and we can assume, people are going to want to stay engaged in work longer than ever before -- making the mandatory retirement age a relic of the past. Already, we know many individuals who work circles around other people, belying the old mythology. Still, there are actions one can take to create an environment supportive of long-term mental acuity: MemCheck is a component, exercise is a component, arts, music, and socializing are other components of this grand tapestry....

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