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Something very exciting is happening in the midst of the challenging close to the year 2004. Our knowledge and ability to help ourselves is increasing. Since we have more access to information, we have more tools to learn and modify our behavior and environment then ever before. Did you know that I can pick up a phone and say whatever I want, and in the background, a technical engine converts those bits of data randomly flowing through twisted copper or as packets through the air into a MP3 file and posts it here. This is due to a service called audioblogger.com which means anyone can record their own 30 second or 60 second spot and play it back to millions.

The growth of Sirius and XM Radio to 1.5 and 3 million subscribers each means that alternatives to AM and FM radio are taking hold, eventually their will be even more options including MP3 radio - in fact this has been around for years but has proven difficult to turn into a profit-making business, even with the inroads of bittorrent, the service that makes short-work of all downloads.

2005 could be the year where this changes, based on always-cheaper bandwidth. Imagine a radio channel 24 hours per day 7 days per week that focuses only on the mind, memory, and cognition, support for people with Alzheimer's and caregivers, and, helpful tips to prevent memory loss. Now imagine a cable channel (on the internet) that does the same thing. We've already had a million people who are interested in memory loss sign-up. We added over 5,000 people in the past 30 days. In January we'll aim for 6,000 new members. As always, thanks for your support here at cognitive labs' headquarters, where your purchases of MemCheck keep the lights on.

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