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Why are we using technology more? What are the limits, and what are the effects? How do generations differ in their use of computers and mobile phones, "wired homes" and other science-fictional technologies?

We spend much time thinking through all these possibilities and the points of intersection. Once in a while we catch something that necessitates pondering and a response, as in this article in Always-On. There is so much focus on how 18 year olds use technology that we forget to consider that use depends on people, more than any particular age group.

To that article, we posted this response (you can see it at the bottom of that page if you like)has caused a lot of visitors to come over here :

Excellent post.

The over 35 group (I am one of them, just barely) will be the surprise growth group. Everyone knows that under 25 is the future, hence all the focus on youth and products for youth.

However, increasing digital ubiquity is rapidly affecting the middle aged and aging. Why?

1. increasing bandwidth everywhere means more decentralization of work output, extension of output
2. increasing bandwidth means 'friendlier' rich applications become legion (e.g., Flash)
3. increasing bandwidth plus social networks and RSS drive knowledge diffusion and fuel demand for niche products.

broadband health, knowledge, and other personal improvement products will start to proliferate, that depend on continuous connectivity.

In health, http://www.cognitivelabs.com is just one of these...984,628 members with both bioinformatic applications and broadband consumer aps.

that last figure is dated...

got any thoughts in this area - send them to us at media@cognitivelabs.com and we'll share them.

advent | POSTED: 10.19.04 @12:41

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