Deal with BioIT World

We're close to making a deal (OK, its a done deal) with Bio-ITWorld to offer our testing and tracking on their website and a few others they work with. BioITWorld is dedicated to a fascinating new topic: the convergence of information technology and the life sciences,on the mind of many-a-mogul. BioITWorld is published by International Data Group (IDG) the leader in tech publishing with titles such as CIO, InfoWorld, Computerworld, PC World, MacCentral, and GamePro (an awesome site) In fact, the CEO and founder of IDG has donated more than $300 Million to advance brain research at MIT through the establishment of the McGovern Institute. Like some other relationships, this one goes back more than a decade. When I was just starting out from college working for Brown, IDG Books was one of my first hits where we took out the competition, Fed Ex. As an inveterate programmer, going back to the days of GOSUB and watfiv I thought IDG Books REM was the epitome of cool REM. It still is, so we're pretty lucky.

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