Sunday Evening

Good Evening. This will be rather short. Some good news, we will be presenting a paper at the Neuroscience Society meeting in San Diego later today and will have some announcements related to this; the paper will cover the use of our secure, n-tier system for monitoring cognitive effects during clinical trials, where we help biotech companies determine efficacy of products, which is a pretty important function in the scheme of things. Here is a link to the topics of our research to date, in case you are interested.

107 people signed up today and most, of course, took tests. Thanks. We also will be announcing and explaining in more detail our 'affiliate' program this week, everything from refer a friend, to tools so people and groups concerned with patients and caregivers, health web sites, search engines, and other (web)blogs can link to our site.

I did not watch the World Series game, but it appears the 'curse of the Bambino' may be lifted, now that the Bosox are up 2-0. The curse, reputedly, was slapped on the Boston Red Sox by the Gods of baseball for trading George Hermann (Babe) Ruth to the Yankees, a day which for ever after for Red Sox fans, will live in infamy.

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