Fertile Time for Memory Research

There is increasing activity in the field of memory and cognition which we will be bringing to you over several posts in the next few days. First, Dr. Stephen Ferris of the Silberstein Center for Aging at NYU and Dr. Gerald Hausman of pharmaceutical company Axonyx will report on the progress of the drug phenserine which is believed to show promise in the modification of the rate of adoption of Alzheimer's Disease. Let us certainly hope that this is the case.

Meanwhile, our news blog here http://blog.cognitivelabs.com has been gaining national attention and momentum in addition to reporting the latest news and research. From our coverage of Governor Schwarzenegger of California, to Japan, the U.K. and Australia, the multiple perspectives help advance the agenda for all.

Our goal is to put the information and tools in the hands of the people that need them, that's why, I think, this news site has become so popular...exceeding the circulation of a large newspaper. We have been starting to post the number of new users signing up every day, our rolling 30 day average, which is in the thousands and growing, to our total membership, which is almost a million. If we can go the direction of Skype or Altnet (Hello Kevin) that would be something. And I really think the prepaid memory card at Starbucks (Hello Howard) would work, since caffeine improves cognitive processes. Stay tuned. Best

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