Today is the first day of the new month which promises to be extraordinarily busy. The good news is that we are rapidly growing our site traffic and hope to, after a series of glitches in the middle of the month of February strive onward to greater utility and stability. The usual start-up growing pains.

We also want to explore establishing communities where support groups can access our tools and use it in a less individualistic way, where groups will be able to compare their own scorecards while also getting understanding and help from those around them. We hope to get to that soon.(as possible) Next week, we will be meeting at a prominent Bay Area university and discussing further ways of leveraging our technology with their research goals....there are some pretty exciting developments coming down the pike. Oh yeah, and over to your right ------>>> please see the XML feed which we are testing and if anyone using a blog reader let us know how it is working so far (Atom format)

Also, we intend to post on some of the growing steps of the company as a means of looking back where we have been at a particular time, which is one of the cool things about start-ups ( the progression down and uncertain path) who knows where it will end up?



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