Aerobics For the Brain
CBS News - USA

CBS Evening News is completing a series on new developments in the field of memory loss this week and included one of the Cognitive Care products, ThinkFast, in the feature at NYU Medical Center.

.......(CBS) If there's one thing Sonia Goldstein has little patience for, it's forgetting things.

"And sometimes you get really angry," she says.

So, as CBS News Correspondent Elizabeth Kaledin reports, every week she comes to New York University Medical Center to do mental aerobics: a series of mind games to keep her memory sharp.

At 76, Goldstein is perfectly healthy, but it's just that getting older causes a natural and nearly universal decline in our ability to remember details.

"And um, you feel like you're losing control," she says.

And it's not just senior citizens. When subjected to memory tests, even some "middle age" people struggle.

The sad fact is we reach our memory peak at age 25 and it's all down hill from there.....

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